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The Hunt To Sign Dempsey Gets Interesting...

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Add Italian Serie A giants Roma to list of potential suitors hoping to sign the services of one Clint Dempsey, according to TalkSport.

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Clint Dempsey wishes you would make better decisions.

He should never, ever be sitting on the bench. Ever.

Clint Dempsey: American Soccer Legend (NY Times article)

A well written article by Sandy Macaskill on Deuce. It doesn’t have anything ground-breaking, but it’s a great look at his body of work at Fulham.

  • 39 goals in five years? Legend
  • THE most memorable goals in Fulham history (1 and 2)? Legend
  • 5 managers in 5 season, most whom doubted his talent, yet still earning a starting role at some point in the season? Legend
  • First-ever American soccer icon to record a rap video? FUCKIN’ BAWSE!

Clint Dempsey: American Soccer Legend and FUCKIN’ BAWSE!